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Advance Pistol Reaction Training Course - 3 hours

This intense firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting, development and

gun-handling while firing on the move shooting from different positions on the ground and walls.

The idea of dominating the threat and all visual threats while continuously moving will be

emphasized throughout the class.

Pre-requisite: Basic Pistol or Defensive Pistol Training Course or firearms training course of

equivalent level. demonstrating at least 16 hours of pistol training or practice.

Training Covered:

Proper draw from holster

Close proximity shooting

Body armor shooting drills

Off line shooting

Malfunction drills

Reaction drills

Multiple target engagement

Tandem shooting training

Scenario shooting and moving drills

Ground shooting

Advance Cover Drills


200 rounds minimum

OWB holster and IWB holster held by belt, paddle holster. (NO Shoulder Holster)

Minimum 2 magazines or (speed loader) for revolver.


Eye and Ear protection

Hat for shooting outdoors

Button up shirt or closed t-shirt

No Sandals

Proper attire for outside shooting

Liquids for hydration and snacks

Sun screen

Advance Pistol Reaction Training Course - 3 hours

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  • Cancellation fees may or may not apply. 24 hours notice required. Call for more information.

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