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Advance Carbine Rifle Training Course - 3 hours

This intense firearms training course focuses on tactical speed shooting, development of

aggressive gun-handling skills and dynamic action while deploying the carbine rifle.

The concepts of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas while continuously moving will be

emphasized throughout the class.

Training Description:

 weapon setup

 gear selection and setup

 zeroing sights basic, red dots and offset sights

 Tactical Reloading drills

 Reaction Drills

 Advance shooting Positions

 Multiple Targets and moving

 Shooting on the Ground

 Cover and Concealment


 Carbine rifle/ 9mm, 45 cal, 223/5.56/6.8/ 762 (examples)

 400 rounds minimum

 High capacity magazines


 Eye and Ear protection

 Hat for shooting outdoors

 Button up shirt or closed t-shirt

 Proper attire for outside shooting

 Liquids for hydration and snacks

 Sun screen

 Magazine holder, LBE (load bearing equipment

Advance Carbine Rifle Training Course - 3 hours

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  • Cancellation fees may or may not apply. 24 hours notice required. Call for more information.

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