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Advance Carbine and Pistol Training Course - 3 hours

The Tactical Carbine Course was developed for students proficient with the

operations of the carbine rifle. This course will enhance fundamentals and safe handling

techniques using the carbine rifle and AR-15 style rifle. Students should be in good physical condition,

familiar with their equipment and have skilled gun-handling skills and know their equipment prior to

attending this firearms training course. There will be stressful training scenarios presented in this


Training Description:

 weapon-side/support- side transition

 Rifle and Pistol transitional Drills

 gear selection and setup

 zeroing sights basic, red dots and offset sights

 Tactical Reloading drills

 Reaction Drills

 Advancing Movements forward and to Rear

 Multiple Targets and moving

 Shooting on the Ground

 Cover and Concealment


 Carbine style rifles/ 9mm, 45 cal, 223/5.56/6.8/ 762 (examples)

 Rifle 400 rounds minimum 300 rounds pistol

 High capacity magazines

 Magazine holder, LBE (load bearing equipment ) (No Shoulder Holster)


 Outside holster held by belt or paddle holster

 Eye and Ear protection

 Hat for shooting outdoors

 Button up shirt or closed t-shirt

 Proper attire for outside shooting

 Liquids for hydration and snacks

 Sun screen

 Rifle Sling

Advance Carbine and Pistol Training Course - 3 hours

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  • Cancellation fees may or may not apply. 24 hours notice required. Call for more information.

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